Kiefer Sutherland Announces 2018 Reckless Tour

Kiefer Sutherland is hitting the road! The actor and singer announces he will kick off his Reckless Tour on April 10 with a performance at the Grand Ole Opry.

"I couldn't have imagined the depth with which I have fallen in love with touring," Sutherland says in a statement. "To have the opportunity to convey intimate, personal stories to an audience, for me, has proven to be priceless."

Sutherland released Down in a Hole in 2016, a collection of 11 songs co-written by Sutherland, including the singles "Can't Stay Away" and "Not Enough Whiskey." But the Designated Survivor star realized that performing on a concert stage is much different than acting in front of a camera.

“I thought I was gonna be able to use 30 years’ [experience] working as an actor. Certainly that was gonna help me on stage. I was wrong,” Sutherland recently told the Chicago Sun Times. “The one part that I left out is that for 30 years I was able to work as an actor [through] a character. When I go on stage, the songs are very personal and they’re mine. I leave myself in a more open position than I ever have before. So, the two experiences ended up being very different for me. Though in both circumstances, I’m telling stories, and that seems to be the common thread in what I enjoy most.”

Still, the 51-year-old acknowledges history has not shown many actors who make a successful transition into music, but it was a risk he gladly took on.


“I’m certainly aware of the stigma [attached to] an actor doing music,” said Sutherland. “I probably wasn’t smart enough to realize the potential position I was putting myself in until I got onto the stage. It was that moment where I felt I had to explain where I was when I wrote this song or that song. When you start explaining the truth in the middle of a concert, you feel very vulnerable.”

Sutherland is currently working on a new album, which he plans on releasing this summer. He will play 43 dates in North America, followed by 18 shows in Europe. Dates and venue information can be found by visiting