Kelsea Ballerini on Personal Third Album: 'It Is Every Piece of Me'

Kelsea Ballerini is hard at work on her third studio album. After previously saying the record was completed, Ballerini just opened up about the project on social media, revealing she is still putting the finishing touches on her deeply personal next collection of songs.

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"Just missing tour & all of you and wanted to tell you that I am having so much fun making this next album. From writing the songs to helping bring them to life in studio with my friends, it is every piece of me," Ballerini posted on social media. "Thank you for being so patient. I promise I am working with everything I have to make this perfect and honest and a real growth as an artist and songwriter, and WOW I CANT WAIT TO BRING IT ON TOUR.

"All of that to say, shooting a music video tomorrow for one of my favorites on the album that will be just for you and very soon," she added. "Love you so much, legends."

Ballerini hasn't shared too many details on the songs on her next record, aside from her current single, "homecoming queen?," but she does promise it will be very personal to her.

"I'm still working on it, so it's still kind of evolving, but they're just more of more I think, is the best way I can describe it for now," Ballerini recently shared with and other media. "There's a song with a string quartet. There's two songs with horns. There's two collaborations. There's just more and more.

"I've just had the time this summer to be super hands on with it," she continued. "I've never been so involved in making an album before. I think I have a different sense of pride about it, just because I'm super involved. From the writing of it obviously, but now to the production too. Yeah, it's dope."

The 26-year-old has yet to announce tour plans for next year, but she has been thinking about performing the songs from her upcoming record ever since she started writing for it.


"The first album, when I was making it, I had never played a show with a band, so I had no idea," Ballerini recently shared. "And then the second album, I had opened for people that I hadn't really headlined properly yet, and then now that I've gotten to headline clubs, theaters, and then arenas, I understand what putting a full show together means and I love production. When I'm writing these songs, not only am I thinking of the music videos, I'm thinking of pyro or a hydraulic lift, you know, stuff like that."

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