Keith Urban Shares Advice Bette Midler Gave Him Ahead of Las Vegas Shows

When Keith Urban booked his Las Vegas shows for 2020, he knew the 12 concerts would be taxing on [...]

When Keith Urban booked his Las Vegas shows for 2020, he knew the 12 concerts would be taxing on his voice, so he reached out to one of music's biggest stars, Bette Midler, who has performed for years in the city, for advice, which he will heed before he heads to Sin City.

"You have got to stay hydrated because your singing so much and it's dry air," Urban told CMT's Cody Alan that Midler shared with him.

"She turned me onto these lozenges that help with all of that," he continued, adding that he also planned on reaching out to Brooks & Dunn as well. "I do need to talk to Ronnie and Kix (Brooks & Dunn) for tips. We have a bunch of shows coming up at Caesar's Palace that I am so looking forward to."

Before Urban heads to Las Vegas, he will enjoy Christmas with his family. The holiday season is one of his favorite times of the year, which is why he started the celebration early.

"The lights going up, which was a little earlier this year because of Thanksgiving," Urban told his record label, explaining how he gets in the holiday spirit. "We didn't wait. We just put those puppies up, and the place looked awesome. We had the best Christmas-looking Thanksgiving ever. [laughs] So, the lights, the music, all of that, the house sort of transforming into Christmas. I love it. It's sad when it all has to go away."

Urban, his wife Nicole Kidman, and his two daughters also have a few movies that are requirements to watch in his household each time Christmas comes around.

"I love A Christmas Story, that's a good one, and It's a Wonderful Life, of course," he said. "One of my main guitars is called Clarence, and it's named after the angel [in It's a Wonderful Life], and then for some reason, I swear, no matter what you're doing flicking around the TV, but you're gonna land on Charlie Brown [Christmas]. I don't know how that happens, but it happens every year."

The Aussie just dropped "I'll Be Your Santa Tonight," marking his first Christmas single. His Las Vegas shows kick off on Jan. 10 and run through November. Find a list of all of Urban's upcoming shows, and download "I'll Be Your Santa Tonight," on his website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Frazer Harrison