Watch Keith Urban's Festive Video for Christmas Tune, 'I'll Be Your Santa Tonight'

It's out, Keith Urban fans! The Aussie just dropped the video for his Christmas tune, "I'll Be Your Santa Tonight." In the video, Urban plays both piano and guitar in front of a holiday-themed backdrop, with the video starting in black and white before transitioning to color.

"I'll Be Your Santa Tonight" was co-written by Urban, while the rest of the world was months away from thinking about the Christmas holiday.

"I've got a song coming out called "I'll Be Your Santa Tonight," Urban shared with and other media. "I wrote it with Shane McAnally, and recorded it with Kevin Kadish and Nathan Chapman. Had a blast doing it. Very strange writing a song in the middle of summer about Christmas."

Urban is also working on new music, although he isn't sure what the entire project will look like, at least not yet. Still, he admits he might be leaning more towards EPs than full-length albums.

"The advantages of that, I think, for me, I love the idea of an EP, where you can savor the songs, and not just throw 18 songs at someone," Urban explained. "And, because too many songs get missed. The people don't realize, it's a really good song, that track 13 is awesome, but no one's going to get to it.

"So I'm a bit of a fan of the EP, " he added. "But at the same time I love people having a lot of music to be able to enjoy as well. So I think it's, there's not one size fits all. That's for sure. And I think it's in this beautiful free fall."

The 52-year-old might not know how many songs will appear on his next record, but he does hint he might have a few guest artists make an appearance.

"There's a couple of collaborations on there," Urban divulged. "It's hard to know what ends up making it to an album, versus what might be used in some other way. So I'm just anxious to get new music out, right? You know that feeling."


Urban's latest single, "We Were," co-written by Eric Church, will appear on his next record. Urban has a few shows scheduled in Australia in December, before he returns to the United States to once again headline Jack Daniel's Music City Midnight celebration on New Year's Eve. Find more information at

Photo Credit: Getty / John Shearer