Katie Armiger Sets Up GoFundMe Page to Fight Latest Lawsuit With Former Record Label

Katie Armiger is facing yet another legal battle from her former record label, Cold River Records, and is using the fund-raising site, GoFundMe, to make money to pay for legal fees.

Armiger, once an artist on Cold River Records, was first sued by the label in 2016, alleging that she left before fulfilling her contracts. In response, the singer counter-sued, claiming that her label encouraged her to be sexy to appeal to radio program directors.

Both Cold River Records and Armiger remained quiet for much of the year, with a settlement reportedly reached, until Armiger spoke out in October, when Fox News asked Armiger to share her story as part of the ongoing #metoo campaign, speaking out against sexual misconduct.

"In light of the Harvey Weinstein revelations, Fox News remembered my story and reached out to me to share my own '#MeToo' stories," Armiger writes on her GoFundMe page. "I told them many of my experiences with various industry professionals. After the article came out, my former label chose to respond publicly. In their statement, they stated that they wished me the best and hoped I would move on with my career. They even offered to give me career advice. Privately, though, they filed another lawsuit against me in hopes of silencing my voice."

Cold River Records President Pete O'Heeron refuted Armiger's claims on his personal Facebook page.

"The behavior that Katie Armiger alleges in the FoxNews.com article is unacceptable, and Cold River Records strongly condemns sexual harassment of anyone," he says (quote via AllAccess.com). "Also, to be clear, Cold River Records has never heard Katie complain of the inappropriate physical contact from anyone at radio as she alleges in the article, nor do we have any desire to see her 'blacklisted' from the music industry. We hope Katie will focus on restarting her career by sharing new music and videos with her fans, which we know they’ve been waiting for. We are rooting for Katie and wish her the best of luck in restarting her career. Cold River is always available if she chooses to seek out career guidance and advice."


Armiger has raised almost $3350 of her requested $20,000 since launching her campaign three weeks ago. She says any money raised in excess of her legal fees will go towards the Sexual Assault Center in Nashville.

Armiger's last album, Fall Into Me, was released in 2013. No word yet on a trial date.