Kane Brown Wonders How Daughter Kingsley Will Handle Life on the Road After Quarantine

Kane Brown had planned to be on the road on his Worldwide Beautiful Tour this summer, and he and wife Katelyn were hoping to take their daughter Kingsley out on tour so she could start to get used to life on a tour bus. Instead, the family is at home together in Nashville, which Brown told ET Canada is a blessing he wasn't expecting.

"It's a blessing that this happened and I get to hang out with her and be at the house with her and not on the road," he said before wondering how his daughter will take to life on the road after being at home for so long. "Honestly, it kind of sucks too, because this is like the early days to get her used to the road," Brown explained. "She's been on the bus like two to three times. I think by the time we get out, she's going to be realizing what's going on, and if we ain't been on the bus and she forgets what it was, how's that gonna be? We're doing shows, around all these people."

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The 26-year-old added that Kingsley has been around his team, so "hopefully she's pretty socialized." "She's like a true quarantine baby," he joked. "She hasn't been around other babies and experienced anything. Luckily she's only about to be ten months old, but her personality's came along so much, she realizes a lot more than we think."

Kingsley was born in October, around one year after her parents got married, and Brown told PopCulture.com in August that being a parent is "amazing." "I never knew what to expect, but I knew that whenever I had my kid that I would be the dad that was always there for her," he shared. "It's cool actually getting to watch your childhood... It's like you're reliving your childhood, watching her grow up. Not on the same cartoons, because I feel like cartoons suck now. But other than that, it's cool just seeing how she acts."

The "Cool Again" singer added that he "can't wait" to take his daughter to Disney World for the first time, though that trip likely won't be for a while. For now, Brown is soaking up his time with his family, watching Kingsley grow up while his touring is paused due to the coronavirus pandemic. "She's army crawling," he shared. "She's almost standing up by herself. So hopefully we get to those walking stages pretty soon."