Kane Brown Releases Experimental 'Experiment' Album

Kane Brown's sophomore Experiment album is out on Friday, Nov. 9. The title for the 12-track record is a perfect explanation for what the project became.

"There's not one song that sounds the same," Brown told ABC News Radio. "I called it Experiment, just because I was experimenting with a bunch of different instruments, and I was just all over the place with it. So it's really just me, and me trying to have fun."

One of the tracks on Experiment is called "Short Skirt Weather," which is a light-hearted, fun, uptempo track, which surprisingly became one of his favorites.

"I had a writer that said he wanted to write a song called 'Short Skirt Weather,'" Brown recalled. "At first, I didn't like it, so we just started messing around and we just had fun with it. We had a bunch of different things that we were saying in there that's now behind-the-scenes jokes. And it was just a fun song to write."

"Short Skirt Weather" is also a throwback to the kind of country music Brown grew up on, and still gravitates towards today.

"I wanted it to sound kind of '90s country," he explains. "The first song I ever knew was 'I Like It, I Love It' by Tim McGraw, and that was the feel I was going for. And Dann Huff, the producer, played on that song, so he already knew how it sounded, and to me he killed it."

Brown was influenced by a lot of country music of that era – a fact some people still have trouble believing.

“There was a woman the other day saying that it’s awesome to see someone bringing back '90s country, but she was not expecting me to be the guy to do it,” Brown recalled to Billboard. “And my first question was, ‘Why?’ I’m doing the same thing as everyone else in country music. So why am I the one you don’t expect?”

Even though Brown asked the question, he unfortunately already knows the answer.


“[It's] the race card,” explained the singer. “Right now, [my race] does matter. People always say, ‘There are plenty of black country artists out there! There is Charley Pride! Darius Rucker!’ That’s all they can name. They don’t understand what we go through, and a lot of people who are fans of traditional country music, as they call it, look at us and aren’t going to say, ‘Y’all like country music.’”

Purchase Experiment at Brown's official website.