Kane Brown Recalls Uncomfortable Fan Encounter

Kane Brown isn't used to fans showing up at his doorstep. So when a fan recently rang Brown's doorbell, even though his intentions were good, it left the "Heaven" singer a bit uncomfortable.

"He came and knocked on the door," Brown tells Taste of Country. "We had just ordered pizza and it had been 30 minutes and I thought the pizza was there. I don't know why but me and my fiancée went together to get the pizza ... So we go get the pizza, thinking it's the pizza guy, and this guy throws a 12-pack of Coors Light in my hand and throws a bag of wine in her hand and sprints off the porch."

The guy happened to be someone Brown knew, at least in passing, and he soon realized that their safety was never in question.

"There was a letter inside asking me to come to his wedding," adds Brown. "He cuts the grass in the neighborhood. He just threw something at me and sprinted off my porch."

Having a house of his own is something Brown, at one point, only dreamed about. Raised by a single mother, and even homeless at times, the 24-year-old had no idea how dire his childhood was, until he became an adult.

"My mom was so good at hiding the bad in life that I just thought my life was good," Brown shared with PopCulture.com at a recent media event. "Then I got to school and stuff started. I started getting older and started to realize things. Then when I graduated, that's when everything hit me. I guess, to me, I became a man and realized everything my mom has done for me and what I didn't have and what we didn't have, but she made sure that we had it. I guess it really changed me and matured me, just having a mom like that. That's really what made me want to get to this platform and help other people."

Brown might be able to financially support his mother, and other family members, but he will always be a proud mama's boy.


"The roles aren't reversed because she's still my mom but, I can help her out whenever she needs it now, which is awesome," Brown tells ET Canada. "You know, I can help my whole family because my Nana was a big part of my life too and I can help her whenever she needs it."

Photo Credit: Instagram/kanebrown_music