Kane Brown Lets Fans in on 'What It's Like at the Brown's' in New Prank Video

Kane Brown loves to prank his wife, Katelyn, and the 27-year-old was at it again in his latest [...]

Kane Brown loves to prank his wife, Katelyn, and the 27-year-old was at it again in his latest TikTok. Over the weekend, the country star shared a video of himself and a few friends seriously scaring Katelyn, who, according to her husband, is very afraid of the alien E.T. The clip, set to the viral song "Oh No," starts with Katelyn walking into a bathroom, where someone in an E.T. mask with a towel over their head crouches on the ground.

After she flips the light on, Katelyn instantly screams and runs out of the room and down the hall, knocking into her husband, who had his phone in one hand to film her and a glass in the other, which he dropped on impact. "This is what it's like at the Brown's lmfao," text over the video read. In the caption, Brown added, "my wife is terrified of E.T so we ordered the mask lmao." He also posted the clip on Instagram and wrote, "I know y'all didn't forget @katelynbrown is terrified of E.T."

"Y'all are so mean to her and I'm here for it," one of Brown's follower commented. Another wrote, "I feel a payback is going to come you're way Kane." Someone else commented that the joke was "Sooooo wrong yet sooo funny. Still rolling."

The "Worship You" singer recently pranked his wife in a less terrifying way when he gave her a riddle to solve. In the clip, Brown asks Katelyn, who is sitting in the front seat of a car handing out Starbucks orders, how old she would be if she had been born 12 years ago.

"If it was 10 years ago I would be 18," the 28-year-old replied before realizing she was being set up. "I'm not gonna fall for another one of your stupid trick videos," she declared. After her husband asked her the question again, Katelyn told him, "I'd have to do the math," prompting the other occupants of the car to burst out laughing. "How old would you be?" Brown captioned the clip. "I love this woman so much."

Brown and Katelyn live outside of Nashville with their 1-year-old daughter, Kingsley, and Brown recently told RADIO.com's Katie & Company that the family has been "hanging out at the house, doing what everybody else is doing, being bored to death." "Really just been hanging out though, vacationing it up," he added, joking that he and Katelyn both "feel retired" and "bored out of our minds."