Kane Brown Explains Why He Always Helps Homeless People

Kane Brown can likely afford to buy anything he wants, thanks to his soaring music career. But while the 25-year-old has already splurged on a few things, he always tries to help those in need.

"Every time I have a chance, I just try to help somebody," he shared on the All Our Favorite People podcast. "Especially homeless people. I have a spot in my heart for homeless people. I think if you help somebody, good’s going to come in return. It’s just being a good person and having a heart. Use it.”

Brown likely has a heart for homeless people because he knows firsthand what that's like. As the child of a single mother, whose father has been in prison for most of Brown's life, Brown once was homeless with his mother, which is why he appreciates the success he has now. But Brown also knows what it's like to be a struggling artist, so he tries to make himself available to others who want to follow his career path.

"I would love for an artist to come to me and be able to help ‘em," Brown revealed. "I’ve even thought about finding artists on the internet and trying to manage them. I just don’t have the time right now. Once I can get to that free point, I just want to help people. That’s why I feel like we’ve been put here. I feel like instead of not doing anything and not being helpful to anyone, use your platform."

Brown stepped out of his comfort zone with his sophomore Experiment album, which combined a lot of his musical influences. The Tennessee native knew the record was a risk, but perhaps surprisingly, he wasn't that afraid to share it with his fans.

“I will tell you I had confidence because I had a platinum album," Brown said. "I don’t look at myself like that at all, so for me to have a platinum album, I went ‘Holy crap.’ So, I never feel like I’m accepted, really, honestly, just because I’m such an open person. I just felt like, ‘You know what? My fans are going to listen to my music no matter what.’ I’m just going to go crazy and experiment with this.’

"I want to bring the fiddle in and put it on a new school sound that I’ve had this whole time," he continued. "I want to bring in old school instruments and put it on there. I wanted a song like ‘Short Skirt Weather.’ I didn’t know it was going to be ‘Short Skirt,” …. I basically just accepted an outcast look, you know. “

Brown could have had an entirely different career, when he was accepted on the TV show, X Factor – with one catch.


“It’s following your heart and just thinking that you’re right," Brown reflected. "I’ve had it. I think the first time it hit me was X Factor, when they gave me a chance to be in a boy band and go on with the show. I was like, ‘Nah.’ I just follow my heart, and I feel like whatever happens happens for a reason and God has a plan.”

Photo Credit: Getty images/ Kevin Winter