Kane Brown's Daughter Will Star in His 'Worldwide Beautiful' Video

Kane Brown first released his uplifting song "Worldwide Beautiful" in June, and the country star is currently preparing to share a music video for the track. In a recent Facebook Live chat with fans, Brown revealed that the video has already been filmed and will feature his wife, Katelyn, and their 10-month-old daughter, Kingsley.

"We shot a couple [music videos]," Brown said in answer to a fan who asked him which songs from his recent EP would get music videos. "We just shot the ‘Worldwide Beautiful’ music video and let me tell y’all, it’s going to be crazy and Kingsley makes her debut in it. So I’m excited for that one." The 26-year-old added that he also hopes to feature his daughter in the video for his new song "Worship You," which he dedicated to Kingsley and Katelyn.

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"I mean, my music is, you know, surrounded by my family. They’re my world, especially Kinglsey. When she smiles, she brightens up the whole house," he said. "So ‘Worship You,’ I definitely want to get both of them in the music video. When I hear that song, it reminds me of both of them. I’m just grateful that they’re part of my project. Even if they don’t know that they are, they are. They’re like the main focus."

"Worldwide Beautiful" and "Worship You" both appear on Brown's recently released Mixtape Vol. 1 EP, which will be followed by a full-length album. The singer was supposed to be on the road on his Worldwide Beautiful Tour this summer, but the trek was delayed due to the coronavirus. During an interview with RADIO.com earlier this year, Brown shared in response to a fan question that he sees his quarantine as "kind of a blessing, and a curse, of course" "The blessing for me is just getting to see everything that she does," he added of Kingsley. "I'm not missing one second."

This month, Brown told PopCulture.com that being a dad is "amazing." "I never knew what to expect, but I knew that whenever I had my kid that I would be the dad that was always there for her," he explained. "It's cool actually getting to watch your childhood... It's like you're reliving your childhood, watching her grow up. Not on the same cartoons, because I feel like cartoons suck now. But other than that, it's cool just seeing how she acts."