Kacey Musgraves Shares Photo of Her 'S—y' Gallbladder Removed in Surgery Last Year

Kacey Musgraves revealed on Thursday that she underwent surgery in 2020, sharing with fans that she had her gallbladder removed. The country star was interacting with her followers on Twitter when she decided to share the "weirdest pic" in her phone, which happened to be of her gallbladder sitting on a piece of fabric.

"weirdest pic in ur phone right now: go!" she wrote. "Ok since no one asked mine is of the shitty gallbladder that had to be taken out of my body exactly a year ago. Isn't science neat." After one fan wrote that they "aspire to be as much of a care free queen as @KaceyMusgraves is," the singer replied, "Girrl if you only knew. Care free? Would love to meet her."

Musgraves recently opened up about the rest of her 2020 in an interview with Rolling Stone, briefly addressing her divorce from Ruston Kelly, which was announced in July, explaining that she and Kelly "just simply didn't work out." "It's nothing more than that. It's two people who love each other so much, but for so many reasons, it just didn't work," she said. "I mean, seasons change. Our season changed."

The piece also shared additional quotes Musgraves made on marriage, though not specifically about Kelly, who she wed in October 2017. "Part of me questions marriage as a whole, in general," the Grammy winner said at one point. "I mean, I was open to it when it came into my life. I embraced it. I just have to tell myself I was brave to follow through on those feelings. But look at Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. They're doing something right."


"I think I live best by myself. I think it's OK to realize that," she later mused, as well as, "I've been doing a lot of reflecting on growing up as a woman in the South and being a performer from a young age — we were told to please, to make this person happy. That has to imprint on your code. It kind of erodes boundaries. So I'm trying to examine things that may not be useful anymore and maybe unlearn some things."