Kacey Musgraves Credits Husband Ruston Kelly and Drug Use With Changing Her Outlook on Life

Kacey Musgraves is not the person or artist she used to be, and she is perfectly fine with that [...]

Kacey Musgraves is not the person or artist she used to be, and she is perfectly fine with that fact. The 31-year-old admits her Texas upbringing might have helped in making her a little rough around the edges, but says it's her marriage to Ruston Kelly, as well as the occasional use of recreational drugs, that has changed her outlook on life.

"Going through my 20s and not being in the right relationships made me put up some walls," Musgraves confessed to Marie Claire. "You put walls up. You're not happy. Being on the other side of that, I feel more self-confident. I don't feel daunted putting myself out there. I feel a bit of a softening to myself but also to the world."

Musgraves admitted that using psychedelics helped influence the songs on her latest album, Golden Hour, but now she acknowledges that their benefit for her goes far beyond the music.

"They've brought me closer to our planet and to humanity," said Musgraves. "I've walked away with a lot of little gifts."

Musgraves has found that looking to those younger than her also helps her trust in the days to come.

"Younger generations aren't afraid to stand up and speak," Musgraves said. "I feel like we're in good hands."

Musgraves' view on the world might be shifting, but she is – and always will be – the same artist and person she has always been, even if she evolves and transforms along the way.

"I've always had a sarcastic nature, a rebellious spirit. Asking for forgiveness rather than permission is my MO," Musgraves maintained. "Growing up in Texas, I've always had a strong idea of what I do and don't like. And that doesn't always serve me well. It can be narrow-minded. I have to work at expanding, at being more flexible, and at knowing that if something isn't my idea, it doesn't mean it's not as good as my idea."

One thing Musgraves has not done, nor will she do, is compromise her music to make people happy.

"People are craving truth; they're craving something real," Musgraves said "People are tired of having a corporatized version of something shoved in their face. Now more than ever, it's important that artists of all kinds show exactly who they are."

For Musgraves, that decision seems to be working. The singer-songwriter is nominated for three CMA Awards: for Female Vocalist of the Year, and Music Video of the Year and Song of the Year, both for "Rainbow."

The 2019 CMA Awards will air live from Nashville's Bridgestone Arena on Wednesday, Nov. 13, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo Credit: Getty / Frazer Harrison