Kacey Musgraves Will Do 'Whatever' She Can to Break Cycle Caused by 'Systemic Privilege'

Kacey Musgraves has long been vocal about causes that are important to her, and she is now speaking out after the killing of George Floyd, sharing that she is "outraged and sad" about the entire situation. On June 1, the "Rainbow" singer first posted her thoughts on Floyd's death, tweeting that it has "been hard to find the words to adequately convey how outraged and sad I am."

"WHITE PEOPLE HAVE HAD IT SO F—ING WRONG SINCE THE BEGINNING and I will do whatever I can I help break the DISGUSTING, damaging cycle racism and systemic privilege causes," she continued. "I will not be a bystander." Musgraves followed that message with a list of ways that fans can help including signing a petition calling for justice for Floyd's death, asking for police accountability from elected officials and donating to a number of causes supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

On Tuesday, she continued her message by calling out any friends or fans "on the wrong side" of racism. "If you’re on the wrong side of racism and you call yourself a friend or fan of mine: SHOW YOURSELF NOW," she tweeted. "I wanna know exactly who you are. Explain why you hate. Really. Why? It’ll take time but love WILL win & your outdated, inhumane views will be extinguished. It’s already begun."

The Texas native added in a number of tweets that she has signed a petition to stop the use of rubber bullets on protesters by police, donated after a Native American cultural center was burned down during Minneapolis protests and donated to black small businesses that were destroyed during protests. On her Instagram Story, she has shared a number of informative posts and encouraged fans to register to vote, among other messages. Musgraves also responded to a number of fans who criticized her for speaking out.