Kacey Musgraves' Favorite Christmas Presents Are Always Homemade

Kacey Musgraves isn't the only creative person in her family. The singer boasts that her mother is also is artisitc, albeit in a different, non-musical way.

“I always really appreciate homemade gifts and my mom is a wonderful visual artist and painter," Musgraves shares. "She just kind of works her magic with all different kinds of mediums and anything that she comes up with is really special. I’ve gotten several really great handmade presents from her that really touched me and I still really appreciate. One of them was a portrait of my dog, Pearl, my 3-legged dog, and it was just the most realistic, beautiful painting of her, and then another one was this beautiful guitar.

"I actually have it upstairs," she continues. "It’s a guitar made completely out of found objects, and so the tuning keys are skeleton keys, old skeleton keys, the neck is an old vintage-like level. There’s parts of fans and stuff in there, but it looks like a beautiful old guitar and it’s just really cool."

For Musgraves, a handmade gift always beats anything that can be found in a store.


"There’s something about someone using their hands and their brain to come up with something that like no one can buy," she adds. "It’s really special to me.”

Musgraves, who wed fellow singer Ruston Kelly in the fall, will hit the road in 2018 to serve as the opening act, along with Midland, on Little Big Town's Breaker Tour. A list of all of her upcoming shows is available on her website.