Kacey Musgraves Bought Her Childhood Home and Painted It Her Memaw's Favorite Color

Kacey Musgraves hails from the small town of Golden, Texas, where she grew up in a modest house located on acres of land in the eastern part of the state. Musgraves is now the proud owner of that house, which she has had painted a baby pink color.

"My childhood home got put up for sale quite a few years back and my mom was devastated," she explained to Rolling Stone in a new interview. "It sits on 47 acres down in East Texas and there was just no possible way that I could see it get put up and turned into a big cul-de-sac neighborhood or something. So I think that was my first big purchase, buying back my childhood home, and I still have it. I still go down there quite a bit, too."

The pink house is currently covered in snow, thanks to a major snowstorm that hit much of the southern United States this week, including Texas. Musgraves shared photos of her house on Twitter on Tuesday, telling fans that she "Ain't neverrr seen Golden, TX like this."

In a subsequent tweet, she shared that she painted the home pink because it was her late grandmother's favorite color, and her mom, artist Karen Musgraves, painted a Texas flag on the porch's ceiling. Musgraves' grandma, who she called Memaw, lived on the land next door throughout her childhood, and the Grammy winner further reflected on her grandmother in a series of tweets.

"She was a nurse," Musgraves wrote. "Raised a lot of kids. (My mom has 6 brothers!) You can hear Memaw's voice on the intro of my song 'This Town'. It's her tellin stories about all the crazy ongoings of the local hospital. I always loved hearin 'em. Luckily I somehow recorded one before she passed."


The 32-year-old shared that her Memaw died in 2014 in a fire that was "apparently caused by an outdated and faulty electrical blanket." "Check on your elders this season," she added. "Give them your love. Ask them to tell you stories. You'll be so grateful you did."