Justin Moore Went to College for Two Weeks Before Dropping out for Music

Justin Moore briefly considered another career besides music, namely becoming a physical therapist, but that idea didn't last long. The Arkansas native went to college for two weeks before dropping out, but can imagine how his life would have played out if he hadn't decided to pursue becoming a singer-songwriter instead.

“It probably would have been something with sports," Moore shared with his record label. "I literally went school for two weeks. But what I was gonna do was be a physical therapist or a physical trainer, in the sense that one that traveled with like a baseball team or whether it be college or professional, some kind of ball team. I always thought that would be kind of fun.

"Right around the time I was graduating high school, my mom had surgery on her leg or something and had to have therapy done," he continued. "And she was like, ‘I could see you doing that.’ And I was like, yeah, if I could do it with a ball team or something, that’d be cool. So that was kind of always in the back of my mind.”

Thankfully, the music career took off for Moore, and well. The 35-year-old just released his fifth studio album, Late Nights and Longnecks, which he calls his best – and most personal – album to date.

“Obviously there are reasons why we record certain songs and certain albums," Moore previously explained. "I think just being 12 years into this now, when we wrote all these songs I said, ‘Let’s just not worry about three minutes and you know we need this type of song or we need that type song.’ There have been times in the past where I go, ‘Man we really need a tempo or we really need a ballad,’ or whatever. And you have to be cognizant of those things but I didn’t really care on this album.

"I just kind of was like, ‘Let’s just write the best songs we can write and then go from there.’ And I feel like we did that," he added. "And every artist will also tell you every single album is the best they’ve ever put out, me included. But I genuinely believe that with this album. I truly do.”


Moore will hit the road next year with Tracy Lawrence on his Late Nights and Longnecks Tour. Find dates, and order the record, by visiting Moore's website.

Photo Credit: Getty images / Paul Morigi