Josh Gracin Returns to Radio With New Single, 'Good For You'

Josh Gracin is back at radio with a brand-new single, "Good For You." The singer-songwriter is heading into new territory with his latest tune, potentially an indication of what to expect from him moving forward.

"It's a departure from what I've usually done," Gracin told "It has a heavy, heavy soul, R&B kind of feel. Really stripped down, laid back. Something you kind of listen to in the living room, chill out, enjoy the story that is being told. I'm really excited about it."

The song will be on an upcoming record, part of which has already been released.

"Album is not out. Part one of the album, called Nothin' Like Us is out. It's done amazing. I think we've had over 16 or 17 millions albums streams off the first single release of that. Just rolling, building momentum and keep on going."

"Good For You" draws on all of Gracin's influences, including those from his childhood.

"I was born and raised in Michigan, so I grew up listening to R&B, oldies music," Gracin explained. "I thought my mom's music was the current music of the day, 'cause I was little and didn't know, so I really learned how to sing off of all of that. And then I got into country music, when I got about 13, 14 years old, and I haven't looked back since. I love all different genres and all different types of music. My music that I've recorded has kind of reflected that.

He adds that it's "kind of been all over the place, rather than just one sound," sharing that's why he is really proud of the new single.

"[It's] why I love the new single as much as I do, because it's totally different from what I've done. And it sounds different than other things on the radio," Gracin said.

Gracin got his start in music by competing in the second season of American Idol in 2003, landing in fourth place, with Ruben Studdard crowned the winner. Still, the exposure on the reality TV talent show helped launch his career, including the release of his gold-selling self-titled album in 2004, which included the No. 1 single, "Nothin' to Lose."

"That was a great experience for me, and it made it possible for me to come to Nashville, and have a shot, and really have a head start," said the singer. "I couldn't be more grateful and more thankful for everybody involved there, and country radio, for opening their arms to me, and welcoming me in, even though I was some young kid coming from California, straight out of the Marine Corps. They took a chance on me."

Gracin's busy tour schedule doesn't allow him much time to watch Idol anymore, but he will always be a fan of the show.

"I'm excited for the fact that they've done a reboot," Gracin said, "and they're going at it again."

Download "Good For You" at iTunes.


Photo Credit: Getty images/Matt Winkelmeyer