Jordan Davis Releases Freshman 'Home State' Album

Jordan Davis' freshman Home State album is out on Friday, March 23. The 12-track record focuses on the 29-year-old's upbringing in Shreveport, La., and the surroundings that helped shape his musical path.

“I wanted there to be some type of thread tying everything together and all these songs came from Louisiana, my home state,” Davis says. “For me, Louisiana was the common thread whether it be the idea, the relationship I was writing about or even meeting my wife in New Orleans. Home State just popped into my head and from that moment I knew that’s what the name of the record needed to be.”

Davis co-wrote all 12 songs on Home State, collaborating with writers like Blair Daly, Justin Ebach, and even his own brother, singer-songwriter Jacob Davis.

“I really hope that through this album you get a better glimpse into who I am as an artist," Davis explains. "A glimpse into not only my country influences, but some of my rock influences, some of my R&B influences, and just my love for songwriting. I really feel like we’ve done a good job with the production [and] with the writing of this record, and I hope you feel like you know a little bit more about who I am after listening to it. That’s kinda what I hope you take away with from the Home State album.”

Home State includes Davis' debut single, "Singles You Up," which is already in the Top 10. Written by Davis, along with Justin Ebach and Steven Dale Jones, the song was inspired by an encounter Davis had with two of his friends.

“‘Singles You Up’ was written with two buddies of mine back in Nashville," recalls Davis. One of them had just gotten engaged, and when he came in we were congratulating him on it, and the saying ‘You’re smart enough not to single her up’ was thrown up, and I think we all kind of knew that we needed to write that. We actually wrote it really, really quick, I mean right when we got done, we knew we had something special. So, we have a blast playing it, and I can’t be happier that it’s my debut single. It’s a song that means a lot to me.”

See a complete track list for Home State below, and order the record on Amazon and iTunes.

Home State Track List:


1. “Take It From Me” (Jordan Davis, Jason Gantt, Jacob Davis)
2. “Going ‘Round” (Jordan Davis, Ben Daniel, Pavel Dovgalyuk)
3. “More Than I Know” (Jordan Davis, Paul DiGiovanni, Blair Daly)
4. “Slow Dance In A Parking Lot” (Jordan Davis, Lonnie Fowler)
5. “Singles You Up” (Jordan Davis, Justin Ebach, Steven Dale Jones)
6. “Sundowners” (Jordan Davis, Josh Jenkins, Matt Jenkins)
7. “Tough To Tie Down” (Jordan Davis, Jeff Middleton, Seth Ennis)
8. “Selfish” (Jordan Davis, Jason Gantt, Joshua Wade Door)
9. “Made That Way” (Jordan Davis, Paul DiGiovanni, Scooter Carusoe)
10. “So Do I” (Jordan Davis, Paul DiGiovanni, Jamie Paulin)
11. “Dreamed You Did” (Jordan Davis, Shane Minor, Jonathan Singleton)
12. “Leaving New Orleans” (Jordan Davis, Lonnie Fowler, David Frasier)

Photo Credit: Instagram/JordanDavisOfficial