John Prine's Wife Fiona Reveals She Has 'Recovered' From Coronavirus

Earlier this month, John Prine's wife, Fiona Whelan, revealed that she had tested positive for the [...]

Earlier this month, John Prine's wife, Fiona Whelan, revealed that she had tested positive for the coronavirus, and just over one week later, she has recovered. Whelan shared the news with fans on social media on Monday, March 30, noting that she and her family were "humbled" by the support they have received.

"I have recovered from Covid-19," she wrote, adding that Prine is in stable condition. "We are humbled by the outpouring of love for me and John and our precious family. He is stabile. Please continue to send your amazing Love and prayers. Sing his songs. Stay home and wash hands. John loves you. I love you."

In her post announcing her diagnosis, Whelan said that her husband's status was "indeterminate" at the time.

"There's a chance he may not have this virus and we are working really, really hard and being really diligent about all of the protocols," she said in an Instagram video. "We are quarantined and isolated from each other and members of the family. It's hard, I won't lie, but it's absolutely important."

On Sunday, Prine's family shared that the singer had been hospitalized with symptoms of the coronavirus on Thursday, was intubated on Saturday and was in "critical" condition.

"After a sudden onset of COVID-19 symptoms, John was hospitalized on Thursday," the Prine family wrote in a statement. "He was intubated Saturday evening, and continues to receive care, but his situation is critical."

"This is hard news for us to share," the message continued. "But so many of you have loved and supported John over the years, we wanted to let you know, and give you the chance to send on more of that love and support now. And know that we love you, and John loves you."

Prine has battled cancer twice in the past — he was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer in his neck in the late '90s and announced in 2013 that he had "non-small cell carcinoma" in his left lung. The cancer was operable and he had part of a lung removed.

Whelan kept fans' spirits up as she battled the coronavirus, posting several inspiring photos and videos on Instagram including a photo of sunlight streaming into her home. "There are things coronavirus can not touch," she wrote. "The rare simple and astonishing beauty of our world."

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