Jimmie Allen Reflects on Winding Road to Country Music

Jimmie Allen just released his debut single, "Best Shot." The song is from an upcoming new album, his first for Broken Bow Records, and his introduction to country music, after finally deciding to make his mark in the genre.

"'Best Shot' is a song I wrote with two friends of mine, just about taking each day as another opportunity to be better for the one you have in your life," Allen tells PopCulture.com. "But when you dig a little deeper, it's about examining yourself every day to be a better person. So, myself, I could be a better father, a better friend, a better neighbor, and just focus on ways to improve."

Allen knows country music may not be a likely choice for him, since he draws from so many musical influences. But the singer-songwriter says he soon realized that country music was the only kind of music he wanted to make.

"For me, it was more of my upbringing and going where I felt like I could be myself," he explains. "I grew up in this little town, Milton, Del. All my dad listened to was country music growing up, and all my mom listened to was Christian. For a while I did that, and was in and out of rock bands. I came to Nashville. I wanted to do country, but at the time they were saying I was too pop for country. A pop label offered me a deal, but I was too country for pop, because they wanted me to lose my boots and stop talking about my small town, and that's not going to happen.

"Thankfully, my dad was like, 'Son, just grab a guitar and write the songs you want to write,'" he continues. "Luckily, Broken Bow came along and believed in me and what I had to say and offered me a deal. The country music family has been great to me. It's a family I've wanted to be a part of for forever."

Allen will get to introduce his music to plenty of new fans later this year, when he joins Scotty McCreery on his Seasons Change Tour - a welcome validation to Allen that he is on the right road.

"I was shocked," Allen admits. "I'm a huge Scotty fan and we've been friends for a little while. But for me to have someone who has had some success, but also he's a great guy. I try to align myself with people who are just good people. For him to invite me out, to me it said that he sees something good in me that he would like to associate himself with. It was an honor for sure."


Find a list of all of Allen's upcoming shows, and download his single, at JimmieAllenMusic.com.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Erika Goldring