Jessica Simpson Pays Tribute to Dolly Parton

Jessica Simpson's crush on Dolly Parton is equal parts sweet, sassy and hilarious.

The pop singer and actress posted a photo of herself and the country music legend on Instagram Wednesday, dubbing Parton as her 'woman crush Wednesday.'

In the picture, Simpson smiles as Parton shows off her pearly whites mid-laugh.

To the Woman who makes her 🍈🍈 into a rollercoaster, @DollyParton, you are forever my 🌈 #WCW

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"To the woman who makes her [melons] into a roller coaster, @DollyParton, you are forever my [rainbow] #WCW," she cheekily wrote in the caption.

Simpson playfully refers to rumors that the "Jolene" songstress had the roller coasters at her Dollywood theme park modeled after the shape of her world-famous bust line.

According to Dolly, though, any resemblance the large, sweeping coasters have to her bosom is just a coincidence.

"No, I don't think that's true… But if it looks like that, it could be!" Parton told Woman's Day, debunking the myth. "It's like, maybe the Smoky Mountains are modeled after me, too!"

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Simpson and Parton's most memorable moment happened when the pop singer botched the lines to Parton's hit "9 to 5" at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2006.

During her performance, Simpson missed lines of the iconic song and ran off the stage in tears.

"Dolly, you make me so nervous," she said. "I can't even sing the words right."

But Parton brushed off the flub, even showering Simpson with compliments after the slip.

"Jessica is so talented that I'm sure that someday they will be paying tribute to her and I would be honored to perform for her," Parton said in a statement to Inside Edition. "But I'll probably be so nervous that I'll forget my wig!"


In 2008, the blonde duo recorded "Do You Know" together, a twangy tune Parton wrote for the pop singer who was looking to break into the country music space. The song was the title track on Simpson's sixth studio album.