Those Jelly Roll and Lainey Wilson Rumors, Explained and Debunked

Bunnie XO blasted romantic rumors about Jelly Roll and Wilson, saying it's actually her who "wants Lainey."

Some rumors about country music stars Jelly Roll and Lainey Wilson have been swirling lately, but Jelly Roll's wife, Bunnie XO, has already debunked them. Jelly Roll and Wilson have been making a lot of appearances together over the past year, as their collaboration song "Save Me" has been a chart-topping single for the pair. The track was even nominated for both a CMA award and a Grammy. The two have also performed the song live at the CMA's and on the American Idol Season 21 finale.

Recently, outlets such as Radar Online and the National Enquirer began reporting that sources close to Jelly Roll have alleged that Bunnie is jealous of his relationship with Wilson. "Bunnie fell in love with Jelly when the guy didn't have a pot to pee in, but he's the toast of country music now right along with Lainey – and they're enjoying the ride together," an insider told the National Enquirer.

"Jelly gushes about Lainey to Bunnie all the time, to the point where she asked if he's got a thing for her," the source added. "He insists they're just friends, but Bunnie is a savvy girl – she figures where there's smoke, there's fire and is desperate to save her marriage!"

Radar Online alleged that Jelly Roll and Bunnie's Las Vegas vow renewal last year was a calculated move on his part, as he "learned to kind of cool it talking about Lainey, seeing it can set Bunnie off." The outlet noted that even though Wilson is dating former NFL quarterback Devlin "Duck" Hodges, Bunnie still "lives in fear this close kinship with her husband could lead to something more."

Bunnie, however, has squashed all the allegations. Taste of Country reports that the podcaster took to her Instagram Stories thread to share some photos of the three of them together, including a video from the first time she met the singer. "God, Lainey just makes me wanna do weird things," Bunnie says in the clip.

Turning her ire at the outlets reporting on rumors and speculation, Bunnie blasted them by writing, "Get better journalists." She later added, "It's actually me that wants Lainey – so do better research LMAO."