Jason Aldean's 'You Make it Easy' Was Originally Written For Florida Georgia Line

Jason Aldean's recent "You Make it Easy" single was written by Florida Georgia Line guys Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, along with Morgan Wallen and Jordan Schmidt. The four likely thought they were writing the song for an upcoming FGL project, but Aldean didn't waste any time in claiming it for himself.

"We definitely had a phone call," Hubbard shared with PopCulture.com at a media event, about giving the song to Aldean. "[We] all got excited knowing that Jason was going to cut that song and we obviously all thought it was a hit as well. I mean, us and Morgan, we're both like, 'Man, we could definitely cut this, this is a jammer,' but I think it'd be awesome. Aldean's cutting next week, let's get this thing out there.'"

"I think it's another just good example of a song living where it's supposed to live," he continues. "You know, BK says it best. He said, 'Every song has a life and sometimes it's on our records, sometimes it's on Morgan's record, sometimes it's on Aldean's record, sometimes it's on Jordan's record.'"

Aldean, who didn't write any of his own songs for his recent Rearview Town album, was thrilled to have a song from four of his good friends, who happen to also be great songwriters.

"I think that speaks volumes to these guys, as far as songwriters, because a song like that – I mean, you clearly listen to that song and know that there's something special about it," he continues. "But for these guys to be willing to give that up and go, 'Hey, you cut that, we'll go write another one next week.' That's kind of the mentality of how they think, that speaks volumes to the type of songwriters they are. They write a big song and they want to write a bigger one the next week."

Aldean is making another ascent up the charts, this time with his current single, "Drowns the Whiskey," a duet with Miranda Lambert. Unlike "You Make it Easy," Aldean found this one while he was actually working with another artist.

"'Drowns Whiskey' was a song that I was actually producing some sides on Tyler [Farr] for a couple years back year and a half or so ago," the Georgia native explains. "And it was a song that I actually wanted to record on him and we ended up not recording on him, and so I told him if he didn't cut it I was going to cut it, so I did.

"And, Miranda I'd been looking for something to do with her for a while because we had cut a song on my second album called 'Grown Woman' that she had come in and sang backgrounds on," Aldean adds. "And I just always thought our voices sounded really good together, [that] they blended really well. I kind of had been looking for something to do with her anyway, and so I sent her that song. It was just an idea that I had, the song wasn't written as a duet or anything, but I just thought she would sound great on it because it's a little more on the traditional side, which she tends to lean toward a little bit."


Rearview Town is available for purchase at JasonAldean.com.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Rick Diamond