Jason Aldean's Wife Brittany Reveals Another Glimpse Photo Into New Home Build

Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany, are continuing to live in a rental while they build their [...]

Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany, are continuing to live in a rental while they build their massive new home. The mansion, which will include a concrete safe room, a large outdoor porch area and an elaborate spiral staircase, will also include a pool and large water slide, which Brittany shared in her Instagram Story.

(Photo: Instagram/brittanyaldean)

Brittany wrote on the photo, "I spy your slide, [Jason Aldean]." She can be heard in the background saying, "That's high."

The couple has yet to reveal when their new home will be completed. They said goodbye to their former home in February, which was especially emotional for Aldean's wife.

"Tonight we said goodbye to our home for the past three years," Brittany said on Instagram, sharing a photo of their former residence. "The home where we brought our first baby, where the dog that I loved more than words spent his last years, where I had my first baby shower, numerous parties just because and built a fish tank that housed so many of my 'angels' (as I call them). I know there's so much that the future holds in other places, but to me, this house was so special... and always will be [heart emoji]."

Aldean has plenty to keep him busy besides supervising construction of their new residence. The singer is still on his Ride All Night Tour, and is readying the release of his ninth studio album, 9. He will also hit the road early next year for his We Back Tour.

"I'm excited. I mean we've been working really hard on this record and I'm really excited about it, as everybody always is when they have a new album that's coming out," Aldean told PopCulture.com. "I feel like this is a really, really great record, from top to bottom. When I turned it into the label, I told them, 'Man, you know, I hate going in and saying this is the best thing I've ever done, 'cause I feel like that's pretty cliché for everybody to say when they turn in a new record, but I really feel like there's something pretty special about this one.

"I'm excited that finally at least some of the songs are coming out so people can finally hear them," he continued. "We start recording these things and we're living with them for months and months before anybody else gets a chance to hear them. So, even though I love them and I think they're great, nobody else has heard them yet. So I'm exited that it's finally out there, at least a few songs. And people are getting a chance to hear 'em and then the full album will drop November 22nd."

Find tour dates and 9 details at his official website.

Photo Credit: Getty images / Kravitz