Jason Aldean's Wife Brittany Offers Advice to New Mothers: 'Give Yourself Grace'

When Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany Aldean, welcomed their second child, Navy Rome, in February, she became a little sister to 1-year-old big brother, Memphis. The two babies only 14 months apart meant Brittany's body went through a lot of changes, which she admits she struggled with after Navy's arrival.

Now, the former American Idol contestant is opening up about her challenges, and giving advice to other mothers who struggle to bounce back, physically and emotionally, after giving birth.

"Give yourself grace," Brittany urged in a press release. "Give yourself time. It does not happen overnight. Your body will heal in time and it will happen eventually."

Brittany became a spokesperson for the well-known South Beach Diet, but her words of wisdom could apply to anyone, regardless of which method they choose to get healthy.

"I felt like if I took charge and focused on my health and what I was putting into my body, that would reflect on the outside," Brittany said, adding that eating throughout the day is important.

"I urge people not to fall into fads where you just don't eat a lot," she added. "I think that's a huge issue for people."

The 31-year-old previously opened up about her struggle with depression after Navy's arrival, opting to not use medicine that was prescribed to her, but instead focus on positive thoughts.

"After I had Navy I definitely had the baby blues... I was just down. An unexplainable sad feeling," Brittany wrote on social media. "I was prescribed anti-depressants by my amazing doctor but decided to try a few alternative methods first by working out and eating better... thinking happy thoughts, daily. It was a choice I made and ended up coming out of the slump I was in. After all, god blessed me with two healthy, precious babies. What's there to not be happy about?!"

Brittany and her husband make sure to keep healthy snacks on the bus, which is where they spend most of their time – and will continue into 2019. The singer will wrap up his Ride All Night Tour in October, but will kick off 2020 with his We Back Tour, with Morgan Wallen and Riley Green serving as his opening acts.

Find a list of all of Aldean's upcoming shows by visiting his website.


Photo Credit: Getty images / Jason Kempin