Jason Aldean Shares Update on Progress of New Album

Jason Aldean's most recent album, Rearview Town, was released in April 2018, spawning the hit singles "You Make It Easy," "Drowns the Whiskey" and "Girl Like You."

At the number one party for "Girl Like You," Aldean revealed that his next album is nearly completed, sharing that it should be finished in the next month or so.

"The album's great. I mean, I just finished up all the vocals and everything," he said. "We're in the process of mixing everything down right now. For the most part, it should be done completely probably in the next month."

The Georgia native is currently on the road on his Ride All Night Tour, which made the process of recording an album a bit more difficult.

"It's a little trickier now trying to just find songs and find time to get in there in the studio when you're on the road, all the other stuff," Aldean said. "It's just been one thing after the other, but it's fun. I like staying busy. I like feeling like I'm accomplishing something and doing something. When I sit at home too long and feel like I'm not doing anything, I start going a little stir crazy.

"It's definitely a little trickier to juggle it with two little babies at home and still trying to make sure you're spending time there but also getting your work done and things you need to do, too," he added, referencing his two children with wife Brittany Aldean, 1-year-old son Memphis and 4-month-old daughter Navy.

Early this year, Jason and Brittany sold their home and moved into a rental property, which Jason shared came with a major bonus.

"When it came time to cut my vocals, the guy that I'm in the studio with that I cut my vocals with lives across the street from me and has a studio in his basement," he revealed. "Everyday, I just walk across the street, go cut some songs, walk back over to the house, and it actually worked out perfect."

The couple is currently in the process of building their dream home, which will include a bowling alley just like their old house as well as a resort-style pool.

"I put a bowling alley in and had a bar in it and it was kind of like the man cave that I would go and watch football and stuff like that on weekends," Jason recalled of his old home. "That was something that I used a ton and we used a lot on Thanksgiving, we had family and stuff come. When we built our new house, that was the one thing I was like, 'We have to at least have that again. We use it too much not to.'"


"And the pool is going to be pretty good too," he added. "It's kind of like sand on a beach resort. We got a little carried away. I'll say that. But it's going to be fun when it's finally done. I hope it is."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jeff Kravitz/ACMA2019