Jason Aldean's Son Memphis Celebrates His First Birthday With Family Rivalry

Jason Aldean's son, Memphis, celebrated his first birthday on Dec. 1, which also happened to be the same day as the SEC Championship game, which pitted the toddler's parents' favorite teams against each other in a major case of household rivalry.

To commemorate the occasion, Aldean shared a snap of his son hanging out in a custom football jersey, with half of the shirt representing the University of Georgia, honoring Aldean's home state, and the other half honoring the University of Alabama, the alma mater of Aldean's wife, Brittany.

"Happy 1st Birthday to my main man today," the singer wrote. "What a blessing you have been to our family. We love u so much Mems! #goldenbirthday #memphis."

Brittany also celebrated her son's birthday on Instagram with two posts, the first a shot of Memphis sitting a high chair and enjoying a birthday cake decorated to look like a baseball.

"Happy 1st Birthday to the light of my life," she captioned the photo. "Your daddy always told me you'd rock my world and boy was he right. I have never met a sweeter, more loving baby and I feel so blessed to call you mine. I have so many mixed emotions today! I love to watch you grow but wish I could bottle up this time and save it forever. You'll always be my baby. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH."

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(Photo: Instagram / @brittanyaldean)

She later posted a second snap of herself and Jason cradling Memphis, with Jason dressed in full Georgia gear and Memphis in his custom jersey.

"What are the odds your birthday is on the same day as the SEC Championship and Bama is playing Georgia," Brittany wrote. "Send mama some good vibes baby!!! ROLL TIDE."

(Photo: Instagram / @brittanyaldean)

Alabama ultimately defeated Georgia in the game to head to the college football playoffs, making the day a victory for mom in the Aldean house.

Memphis will have a new sibling to share custom jerseys with when Brittany gives birth to a baby girl shortly after 2019 begins. The couple recently revealed at a baby shower for their daughter that her name will be Navy Rome, a moniker Aldean told SiriusXM host Storme Warren was partially inspired by his son.

"We both would kind of put names in a pile and she would say 'What do you think about this?' and I'd say 'I don't like that,'" the singer recalled. "Roman was one of the names she liked for Memphis, and I wasn't into it, so she had the name Navy for this go 'round and I thought that was cool. She goes "You didn't let me name Memphis 'Roman,' so can we name her Rome?'"


Photo Credit: Instagram / @brittanyaldean