Jason Aldean's Son Memphis Already Understands His Father Is Famous

Jason Aldean's son, Memphis, is only 1 year old, but he already is a fan of his father's music. The singer, who also has two older daughters, Keeley and Kendyl, as well as 8-month-old Navy, says his only son is already beginning to understand that his father is famous, even at his young age.

"He's getting to the point now where if he hears one of my songs come on, he knows," Aldean boasted to PopCulture.com and other media. "He knows Dada sing. That's what he says. He's starting to put it together. In his room we have pictures. There's one of me and Luke [Bryan]'s got one in there. We have this pictures of people blown up and I had everybody sign them to him, and so they're hanging behind his crib.

"He's gotten to the point," he added, "he sees me at home and then he seems me with the hat and everything and he'll be like, 'Dada, dada too.' He hasn't quite figured it out, but he knows that I'm both of those guys."

Aldean and his wife, Brittany Aldean, who share both Memphis and Navy, are both singers, and the "We Back" singer can already see his son has a predisposition for music as well, whether or not he pursues it as a career.

"I think he's had a love for music, but he's one of those, when music comes on, even from the time he was really little, he would start dancing around and doing his thing," Aldean said. "I feel like between myself and his mom, she's a great singer too and she's always singing around the house and stuff, so I think between the two of us it's probably inevitable with him, especially growing up around it."

Aldean just wrapped up his Ride All Night Tour, and will hit the road early next year for his We Back Tour. But even though the Aldeans bring their children on the road, the 42-year-old reveals Memphis has rarely seen his father on stage.

"He'll just be two in December, so this year he came out on the road a little bit," Aldean said. "It's really kind of weird though, because I usually don't play until 9:30 or so and he goes to bed at 6:30. We take him out for sound check, and he did come out to one show where I played a little earlier this year. He seems to dig it, but it's hard to tell. He's so little right now, but I do think he's already showing a love for music a little bit so we'll see what happens."


Aldean's upcoming 9 album will be released on Nov. 22. Pre-order the album at JasonAldean.com.

Photo Credit: Getty / Terry Wyatt