Jason Aldean Praises High Noon Neon Tour Openers

Jason Aldean is currently headlining his High Noon Neon Tour, with Lauren Alaina and Luke Combs serving as his opening act, and he has his praise for both rising stars.

"Lauren is doing great," Aldean boasted to PopCulture.com at a recent media event. "I was watching the CMA Fest [the other] night and watched her come out and sing with Kane [Brown] and even though I've heard her sing every night this year, she still kind of blows me away by her voice. She's got an amazing voice. I don't know how she keeps her voice. She talks a lot."

Aldean has previously been joined on tour by artists like Miranda Lambert, Florida Georgia Line and more, who have all gone on to have superstar careers.

"As far as openers, we've had a lot of luck over the years and I don't know if it's just been that we were that good at picking them or we just got lucky," says Aldean. "But it seems like every time we would have somebody open for us, it was the year they kind of broke out and the next year they became these superstars. It goes back to Eric Church, and Luke Bryan, and these guys, Thomas Rhett. We've had a good track record with that stuff."

Aldean is also joined by Luke Combs on his current tour, and is quickly becoming a fan of the powerful singer.

"He's one of those guys that blows me away at the way the crowd responds to him every night," explains Aldean. "I mean, he's got a huge following out there. I think our tours have done really well over the years and I think us being able to put acts on in front of us and playing to that many people every night obviously has been great for them. But you also got to go out every night as that act and with that opportunity and do something with it. And I think the people we've picked to do that have gone out and taken advantage of it and gone on to have really great careers for themselves."

The "Drowns the Whiskey" singer will take a break from his High Noon Neon Tour to perform his third annual Concert For the Kids Charity Event on September 6, benefiting the Beverly Knight Olson Children's Hospital, in his hometown of Macon, Ga.

"There are a lot of reasons I love doing what I do, but being able to give back to these kids and their families is definitely really important to me," Aldean says. "We've been able to help support the build of an entirely new facility, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the community shows up for the hospital this year and what we can do to keep helping the people there."


A list of all of Aldean's upcoming shows can be found on his website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Steven Ferdman