Jason Aldean Gushes Over Wife Brittany in Sappy Post on Social Media

Jason Aldean is showing his wife, Brittany Aldean, some love! The "We Back" singer posted a photo of the couple, sharing an uncharacteristically sappy sentiment along with the sweet picture.

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"Life is crazy and full of ups and downs," Aldean posted. "What makes it fun is having the right person to share it all with. Glad I found mine."

Aldean and Brittany celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary earlier this year, but Aldean is happy to celebrate his spouse any day of the year.

"The cool thing with me and her is we truly are — and I hate to sound like a Hallmark card here — we truly are best friends," Aldean previously told PopCulture.com and other media. "We do everything together. She's on the road with me. I don't like being out there unless she's out. It just makes it easier for us. She travels with me. We're kind of inseparable, which is great. I like it that way. It's cool. You can be married to somebody that truly you're best friends with, and that makes it fun. It makes it the way it's supposed to be."

Aldean and Brittany might agree on plenty of things, including how to raise their two children, Memphis and Navy, but one thing they don't agree on is music.

"She hates Guns N' Roses and stuff like that," Aldean told Taste of Country. "She likes Boyz II Men and Brian McKnight ... our kind of meet in the middle is '90s. Because I love '80s and '90s, I was a child of the '80s, she was a child of the '90s so we kind of meet in the middle."

Because of their differences in musical tastes, it makes sense that Brittany's favorite song on Aldean's latest 9 album is one that is more R&B than country.


"'Got What I Got,' that's my wife's favorite song," Aldean told Music Row. "I never shy away from the fact that my influences are all over the place, from blues to R&B, hip-hop, rock, country, whatever. It's just got this R&B feel, and almost sounds like it's going to be like a Boyz II Men song when it first comes in, and with the drums on it."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jeff Kravitz