Jason Aldean Admits Frustration When Headlines on His Personal Life Overshadow His Career Successes

Jason Aldean has had more highs than most artists, with a long line of chart-topping singles, several sold-out tours, and a trophy case full of awards. But he's also had a few lows in his life, including a highly-publicized divorce, after tabloids reported a flirtatious encounter with his current wife, Brittany Aldean, while still married, and the devastating Las Vegas performance, while gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire at the Route 91 Harvest Festival while Aldean was performing.

The Georgia native knows he can do little to control how the media shares his stories, but he admits his frustration at the way he is sometimes portrayed, especially when it has nothing to do with his music.

“I feel like a lot of times when headlines aren’t really what you want them to be it kind of overshadows what you are doing,” Aldean admitted to Billboard. “It’s frustrating when it kind of takes the focus off what you are doing, but I feel like at this point in life and career, we’re back on track. . . It seems like for the first time in a long time everything is kind of back in place and we’re able to really focus on the music.”

Aldean's ninth studio album, 9, was released on Friday, Nov. 22. It's a far cry from where Aldean thought he might be after his eponymous freshman record came out in 2005.

“It’s wild,” Aldean acknowledged. “I remember hoping the first record would do well enough that they’d let me go make a second one. Honestly the second album [Relentless] really didn’t do as well as my first one initially so that was a little scary.”

Aldean certainly has nothing to fear now. The "We Back" singer soon hit his stride, and has never looked back since then.

“I remember going back in to cut my third album [Wide Open] and going, ‘Man, this album could be a game changer one way or the other. It could really propel us and do something or if doesn’t do well we might be in trouble here.’ So that third album was really a hinge that everything kind of hung on and ‘She’s Country,’ ‘Big Green Tractor’ and ‘The Truth’ came off that record and really kind of took everything to another level.”


Aldean's 9 album also includes "Champagne Town," "I Don't Drink Anymore," "Tattoos and Tequila" and more. Order the record by visiting Aldean's website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Koerner