Jana Kramer Tearfully Reflects on Miscarriages in Emotional Video

At the end of June, Jana Kramer announced that she and her husband, Mike Caussin, are expecting their second child. In a new video shared on Monday, she recalled the struggle it took them to get there.

"I want to be as open and honest and raw as possible and that's why I'm doing this," Kramer told viewers. "I wanted to show you guys my journey of becoming pregnant."

The singer revealed that she has gone through five losses — three miscarriages and two chemical pregnancies, sharing her journey with home video clips.

"When Mike and I first got together, we were having trouble conceiving, so I went to the doctors and started the process of IVF. We had only three embryos and we implanted the two embryos. I ended up getting pregnant but we had a very, very early chemical loss," Kramer began.

Soon, she became pregnant with daughter Jolie, who was born in 2016. Just "four or five months" later, she became pregnant naturally but lost that baby as well.

Last October, she became pregnant again, ultimately suffering another miscarriage. At this point in the video, she inserted a clip of herself from that time that she originally decided not to post, with the 34-year-old tearfully revealing the news.

"I debated even saying anything but I think that's the problem with miscarriage," she said in the clip. "It's not talked about and it should be."

"It's sad because when you find out you're pregnant it's so exciting and you want to shout it and tell everybody, but you don't because of stuff like this," Kramer continued. "Instead, you're left alone."

Kramer shared that she and Caussin then decided to try IVF again with their last embryo.

After footage of Caussin giving her shots and the singer just having had her embryo implanted, a series of clips followed in which Kramer hoped that her embryo was growing before revealing that the implant didn't take.

She ended the video by detailing her current pregnancy, sharing that she is almost 19 weeks pregnant.

"I don't know if my system needed some of the IVF medicines to hold my pregnancy, I'm not really sure," she said before noting that she is "lucky to have" Jolie and that she knows there are women who are "still struggling to conceive their first child."

"I just want you guys to not feel alone," Kramer shared. "I want you to know that I have felt a portion or a piece of your pain. I want us women to really rally around each other and support each other because it's hard feeling all these thoughts alone."


"You're not alone, and we're all here for you."

Photo Credit: YouTube / Jana Kramer