Jana Kramer Recalls Feeling 'Devastated' After Multiple Miscarriages

Jana Kramer is opening up about her multiple miscarriages, and how difficult they were for her to experience. The One Tree Hill actress shared her thoughts in an emotional Facebook post, along with a picture of her adorable baby boy, Jace.

"A year ago today, I got the news that I had yet again another miscarriage," Kramer shared on Thursday, Feb. 28. "It was after an IVF cycle. The embryo was a boy and it was the last embryo we had. I was devastated. I felt like I failed as a women, and as a wife. IVF wasn’t an option again because it’s too expensive so I felt defeated. I felt blessed that we at least had our Jolie Rae but our family just didn’t feel complete yet. So I prayed. Boy did I pray for you. And a month later Jace was created [smiley face].

"Jace we prayed so hard for you and through all the tears I now know I went through it all to get to you," she continued. "To all the woman out there who have suffered miscarriages and still waiting for your rainbow baby, you are not alone. And I know nothing I say will make the yearning or pain any better but if anything know you’re not alone and that I was in the same spot a year ago. I pray you will see your silver lining too."

Jace Joseph was born on Nov. 29, making Kramer's first daughter, Jolie Rae, now 3 years old, a big sister.

"Welcome to the world, Jace Joseph Caussin," Kramer wrote on Instagram after welcoming her second child. "Our hearts are so full. Thank you to all of our friends and family..and all of you who have supported Mike and I, and our growing family. We are so blessed, and a huge thank you to [Ava Women] for helping us grow our family."

(Photo: Instagram/Jana Kramer)

Kramer and her husband, Mike Caussin, separated when Jolie was a baby, over the former football player's infidelity. But while having two children can be stressful, the singer says it is actually helping their marriage.


“Our marriage, you think would be more stressful, and don’t get me wrong there are times when we are sleep deprived and short with each other because we’re so tired and you take that out on the people you love, but we have a quicker rebound now,” Kramer told PEOPLE. “We have to take care of our marriage and make sure we have intentional time, which has been really nice."

Photo Credit: Getty / Robyn Beck