Jake Owen is 'Still in the Ball Game' With Latest Single, 'I Was Jack (You Were Diane)'

Jake Owen is back in the ball game – literally. The 36-year-old will play several minor league [...]

Jake Owen is back in the ball game – literally. The 36-year-old will play several minor league baseball stadiums as part of his Life's Whatcha Make It Tour, a fitting venue for a singer who has spent the last decade trying to hit a home run.

"I've just been trucking along for ten years, putting songs out to the best of my ability, working hard," Owen tells Nashville's Tennessean. "I kept my head down in times I wasn't super happy, but I kept plugging away because at the end of the day, even if you're not the guy with the No. 1 song, you're still in the ball game.

"It's just a matter of when you step back up to the plate," he adds. "People want you to hit a home run."

Owen thinks he may have indeed hit a home run with his current single, "I Was Jack (You Were Diane)."

"It was song about reminiscing about the golden days of life and it had that up-tempo, lighthearted summertime feel to it," Owen explains. "My career has really always been supported by songs that have that same sort of sentiment. I started embracing that. Because I love all kinds of different music, I have put out different types of songs and some work and some didn't. That's what a career is.

"'I Was Jack (You Were Diane)' is a song that sounds like it could live in the same world with 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night," Owen continues. "Everything just lined up. I'm very flattered at this point at how well it is doing."

The single, currently at No. 12 on the charts, is a welcome boost of confidence for Owen, whose last two songs barely cracked the Top 40.

"It feels so good," Owen boasts. "There's been times in my career where I woke up and wondered if anything was going to happen today. It's great now, we're waking up every day and wondering, 'What's the news today?' What cool thing are we going to get into today?'"

"I Was Jack (You Were Diane)" is potentially from a new record, although the Florida native admits he is always looking at new ways to share his music with his fans.

"I'm all for albums; I love albums," he tells AllAccess.com. "I think people that truly understand a great album and make a great album are very admirable, but I also feel like right now it's a world where people are picking what they want, and if you can give them individual, quality tunes, why not? It's no different than giving them individually on an album. People don't have the time and focus these days to hone in on something for an hour, so I'm hitting people three minutes at a time."

Find a list of all of Owen's upcoming shows on his website, and download "I Was Jack (You Were Diane)" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Instagram/jakeowenofficial