Watch Jake Owen's 'Down to the Honkytonk' Video

Jake Owen just released the video for his latest single, "Down to the Honkytonk." The dream-like video, complete with an Elvis suit and a bachelorette party, was filmed in downtown Nashville, in some of the city's famous local bars.

"I love going down to the honkytonks in Nashville and around the country," Owen says in a statement. "It's all about a place to have beers with friends, a place to listen to good country music and catch up on great stories. The video was so much fun to make and why not have fun, right?"

"Down to the Honkytonk," which says, "I might not end up in the hall of fame / With a star on the sidewalk with my name / Or a statue in my hometown when I'm gone / Nobody gonna name their babies after me / I might not go down in history / But, I'll go down to the Honkytonk," is from Owen's upcoming sixth studio album – probably.

"I'm all for albums; I love albums," Owen tells All Access. "I think people that truly understand a great album and make a great album are very admirable, but I also feel like right now it's a world where people are picking what they want, and if you can give them individual, quality tunes, why not? It's no different than giving them individually on an album. People don't have the time and focus these days to hone in on something for an hour, so I'm hitting people three minutes at a time."

Owen is gearing up for a busy fall. He will continue his Life's Whatcha Make It Tour, with Morgan Wallen and David Lee Murphy serving as his opening acts. The Florida native will also appear on Real Country, a new reality TV talent show, alongside Shania Twain and Travis Tritt.

"I think what [Tritt] will bring to the table is that classic country honesty that he's always had, and a little more grit," Owen says (quote via The Boot). "I think there are those out there looking at Shania thinking she'll understand more of the pop side of it, even though I believe in my heart that Shania very much knows her country music history and is proud of it. I understand more of the world of modern country music, although I still very much have an appreciation for the classic side of country as well."

Download "Down to the Honkytonk" on iTunes.


Photo Credit: Getty images/Kevin Winter