Watch the Hot Country Knights' 'Pick Her Up' Video Featuring Travis Tritt

Prepare to laugh, a lot. The Hot Country Knights, the '90s cover band Dierks Bentley fronts (as Douglas D. Douglason), just released a hysterical video for their debut single, "Pick Her Up," featuring Travis Tritt and Beverly Hills 90210 star, Tiffani Thiessen.

"Travis Tritt is our longtime spirit animal and we have spent many a long night in the back of the van dreaming of working with or maybe even FOR Tiffani," Douglason quipped. "When UMG finally came around and signed us...they were two of our demands for the music video."

Bentley previously opened up about the project, and how it went from being a side project to a real band, signed to UMG, where Bentley is also signed as a solo artist.

"I was like, 'If we're not pitching this to the Hot Country Knights, then I'm going to take this and cut it myself on my record because this is just great, fun country music,'" Bentley told Billboard of the new song. "I'm not really sure where to go after doing Riser, then Black and The Mountain. These albums all have these great big themes and I have no idea where to go personally, in my own career, but that song I would have cut and put it on my own record. It was such a fun tune. The Knights loved it, so the Knights got it."

"Pick Her Up" has the classic '90s sound fans still long for, which is why the Hot Country Knights decided to kick off their upcoming record with that track.

"The sound behind 'Pick Her Up' is Hot Country Knights 101 … it's so hot that I have advised the radio promotion department at UMG to wear oven mitts when delivering it to country radio," teased Douglason to his record label. "Travis is an old buddy of ours … we go way back and everybody knows when you need a hit … you call Tritt. We appreciate his support and all our friends in the biz that are coming together right now to help us finally get our shot."

Bentley has used the Hot Country Knights to both open his own shows, and to perform at his Seven Peaks Music Festival. No word yet when an album will be completed. Download or stream "Pick Her Up" by visiting Hot Country Knights' website.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of UMG