Gwen Stefani Reacts to Blake Shelton's New Duet With Trace Adkins, 'Hell Right'

Blake Shelton just announced that he was dropping a new single, "Hell Right," a duet with Trace Adkins, on Friday, and the upcoming song has already earned the approval of his longtime girlfriend, Gwen Stefani. Shelton posted a post on social media teasing the song, with Stefani quickly chiming in on Instagram.

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"Boom," Stefani wrote alongside the post, using two sun emojis.

Shelton and Adkins released "Hillbilly Bone" together in 2009, so Shelton knew as soon as he heard "Hell Right" that he wanted Adkins on that song as well.

"I wanted him on this record because I knew there was a story to this song, but there was also a personality to the story that he could help amplify and take it to the next level," Shelton told The Tennessean. "Trace is not only one of my best friends in the world that I would do anything for, he's also one of my favorite artists in the world and one of the most unique sounding singers that has come through Nashville in the last 30 years. He brings a personality to his recordings that can't be copied."

Shelton and Stefani began dating in 2015, after meeting on The Voice, where they will reunite this year, after Adam Levine unexpectedly left the show.

"I have to say that it worries me not having Adam there, because he's been there from the beginning," Shelton recently shared with and other media. "It would freak me out if Carson [Daly] left; we were the three that have been there all along, and it's just odd to be honest with you. The one thing that makes it better and okay is that they brought Gwen in. Not just because Gwen's and my relationship – it's because she's a veteran of that show. Also, she's familiar with it, gets it, and that made me feel better."

The Oklahoma native is grateful that The Voice is filling the position with a veteran coach instead of someone new trying to learn the process.

"That show, it's a complicated thing when you're a coach on there, to try and navigate and keep in mind at the same time that you're also supposed to be entertaining the audience at home," Shelton conceded. "Its kind of a juggling act, so having her there, selfishly for me, made me happy, and I think it kind of saved the show with Adam going away. Because there's no way around it, it sucks not having Adam there. He's a major pat of that show, and my favorite person to kick in the nuts."


"Hell Right" will be released on Friday, Aug. 16.

Photo Credit: Getty / Frazer Harrison