Granger Smith's Wife Amber Remembers Son River One Month After His Death

Granger Smith's wife, Amber, posted a touching tribute to the couple's son, River, who died last month in a drowning accident at their home. Amber shared a few photos of the toddler on Instagram, honoring his short but meaningful life.

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"I couldn't sleep last night so I was going through photos of River," Amber wrote alongside the pictures. "I noticed so many with this light around him that I never really took notice of before. We always used to ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up. He never said a fireman, or police man or doctor. He always said 'When I get bigger I reach the light.'

"I know he probably meant the light switch, but it still makes me smile and still gives me a bit of hope," she continued. "He's definitely reaching the light now [cross emoji]. "One month. The hardest month of our lives. But we are here. One month closer to seeing him again."

Earlier this week, Amber shared another update, revealing how difficult the grief journey was for her and her family.

"Missing my baby so much. People keep saying, 'you're so strong' 'how are you functioning?'" Amber wrote. 'I wouldn't be able to get out of bed.' I am broken. My heart will never be the same. I will never be the same. Yes, I have strong moments, but I also (as any grieving mother would do) cry, scream, question, and fall to my knees. Then I get back up and fight. "

"I just want to share my journey with all of you because it will be a long road, and if we can help at least one person going through something like this, then it is worth it to me to be open about my feelings, my faith, my struggles."

Smith also shared his feelings as well, saying he was focusing on his two children, 7-year-old daughter London and 5-year-old Lincoln.

"Part of what we're going through now is the healing of our two children," said the singer. "They're doing good, and I'm doing good. And when I say good, you have to understand that there's a new baseline. We're different. I'm a different person than what I was a month ago, and I'll never be that person again. So when I say I'm doing good, it's the new baseline of doing good."


River passed away at Dell Medical Center, where he was taken after he was found in the family's swimming pool. To date, the Smith family donated more than $218,000 to the hospital, raised from the sale of t-shirts created in River's memory. Purchase the shirts at

Photo Credit: Instagram / Granger Smith