Garth Brooks Hints at Extending Dive Bar Tour Into 2020

While Garth Brooks has been crossing the country on his Stadium Tour, playing in front of some of the largest crowds for a music event, of any genre, he has also been playing much more intimate shows, as part of his Dive Bar Tour. The Dive Bar Tour, which will wrap up with two shows held on Dec. 2, has become one of his favorite parts of his career, which is why he hints there might be more dates in 2020.

"Dive bars are fun, 'cause they're loud. They're hot," Brooks said on The Kelly Clarkson Show. "Everybody stinks. It's awesome. It's fabulous, because you're sitting there, you're sharing the same sweat. You can't get to the bar because everything is packed so everybody's kind of drinking from each other's beer. It's a family thing. It's fun. It's old school, so it's great. These dive bars are just cool. We're about to do our last one, but I don't think so. I'm having such a great freaking time, I'm gonna ask if we can do some more."

Brooks' Stadium Tour will continue into next year as well, with a just-announced show in Charlotte, N.C. The reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year admits he was nervous to play in such large venues at first, only to find his fears were largely unfounded.

"I was scared to death stadiums were going to be cold and distant," Brooks acknowledged. "They are the coolest. I'm a guy. I'm the last guy that wants to say size matters. It's fabulous. When people sing out to 'Unanswered Prayers' ... 17,000 people singing 'Unanswered Prayers' will tear your heart out. 87,000 people will tear your heart out and bring a ticket to dinner."

Regardless of what kind of stage the Oklahoma native takes, when he starts performing, he feels instantly at ease.

"The truth is, you stick a guitar in between me and you, and all of a sudden I'm home," Brooks said. "It's very sweet. So these people, if it's a Dive Bar with 500 [people], or a stadium with however many thousands, they allow you to suck, and be okay. They kind of let you be you, scars, flaws and all. It's like, the most gorgeous thing a woman can wear is happiness. When they're confident and happy, it's like, whoa. And that's how they make you feel when you walk out. You're happy and confident."

Dive Bar Tour tickets can only be accessed via local country radio stations. Keep track of Brooks' upcoming shows via his website.


Photo Credit: Getty / Terry Wyatt