Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard's Daughter Hospitalized on Wife Hayley's Due Date

As Hayley Hubbard hit the due date for her third baby, she and husband Tyler made their way to the hospital for something completely unrelated to welcoming their baby boy. The Florida Georgia Line star revealed Wednesday morning that his family, including 2-year-old daughter Olivia and 1-year-old son Luca, all trekked to Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt after Liv "busted her chin" earlier that day and required stitches.

"It's Hayley's due date, so we should be here delivering a baby, but we're actually here getting Liv's chin stitched up," Tyler told the camera. "She fell this afternoon in the living room and busted her chin open on the coffee table." With his "lame foot" from a dirt biking accident, Hayley's water about to break at any time and two kids under three, Hubbard joked that this was simply part of the parenting package. Liv made sure to let the audience know just how well she did getting stitches, shouting, "I was so brave!" from the back seat before the video cut off.

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"Not exactly what we expected on hayley's due date, but that's life," Tyler captioned the video, which he posted alongside pictures of Olivia getting her procedure done. "We getting good at hitting these curve balls 2020 keeps throwing at us. Shout out to [Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt] for taking such good care of our angel."

The Hubbards announced they were expecting a third child in March, admitting that while they had not planned to add another little one to their family just get, they were trusting "God's timing." In May, the musician mused, "In a weird way, I think we're looking forward to the challenge. The whole experience of having a child is like none other. It's a rush of emotion and love that can hardly be explained. We're looking forward to experiencing that again and then just knowing we're going to be finished. This is our family, and let's grow together."


"We do have more challenging days," he admitted. "They definitely keep us busy and are nonstop entertainment for us. At times we would enjoy a little bit of alone time, but for the most part we are having a lot of fun. It's an experience that we would have never had — being at home with the family this long — so we're really just trying to make the most of it."