Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard Wants Kelsea Ballerini, Not Luke Bryan, to Babysit His Kids

If Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard needs a babysitter, he might call Kelsea Ballerini, but he won't call Luke Bryan! The singer, who shares 2-year-old Olivia and 6-month-old Luca with his wife, Hayley Hubbard, reveals that he would call anyone but Bryan if he needed last-minute childcare.

"If it's anybody I know in country, I'll call Kelsea Ballerini probably to come babysit, if we're talking artists," Hubbard shared with the duo's record label. "Or RaeLynn. I'm friends with RaeLynn and I've seen her with Olivia, so I know she's already really good. But Kelsea, I think she'd be a good babysitter. And somebody I wouldn't let babysit would probably be Luke Bryan."

Thankfully, the Hubbards likely won't need any outside help, since they proudly use a nanny to help watch their children.

"Whether it's having a nanny, babysitter, family member or friend that helps make your parenting life easier, I believe it's one of the best things you can do for yourself, your marriage, and your child if you can," Hayley posted on social media, after someone praised her for being a hands-on parent. "Although I do wear many hats in our household, there's no possible way for me to wear all the hats and still be on the road with Tyler and be present when we're home. I'm sharing this so that people know Tyler and I have a lot of help around our household and a nanny to help make our world go round, but mostly so we can be the best possible versions of ourselves for each other that we can.

"Not only does our nanny make it possible for us to have husband and wife time, date nights, etc, but she also teaches me SO much that I wouldn't know otherwise being a new mom," she continued. "Her being here allows me to have me time and get the things done that I need to so that when I'm with Liv, I can be present. #ittakesavillage"

Hubbard also praised their hired childcare worker for becoming an integral part of their family.

"We have a lot of great help. We have a nanny who's really, really amazing and helpful," Hubbard acknowledged. "I think that the key to life is really surrounding yourself with a good team and good people that you trust and people that can really help this crazy life that we do live kind of flow as seamless as possible. So we're excited. We feel good about it."


Photo Credit: Getty / Kevin Kane