Florida Georgia Line Wants to Collaborate With More Pop Stars

Florida Georgia Line had a record-breaking hit with their "Meant to Be" collaboration with Bebe Rexha, but there are still more pop stars they want to hit the studio, and maybe the stage, with in their future.

"We've said this a lot lately, but Bruno Mars would be somebody that'd be amazing to spend a couple of days with in the studio and try to create something from nothing," Brian Kelley revealed. "I think Rihanna would be cool. That'd be interesting. Be cool to hear our voices together."

The duo find a lot of inspiration from awards shows, and not just from the trophies they inevitably take home.

"I think every time we go to an awards show, especially out of the country genre, BK and I are always, 'That'd be cool to do a song with them or that'd be awesome to do a song with them,'" Tyler Hubbard said. "There's so many talented artists out there. It's pretty unreal."

Florida Georgia Line's upcoming Can't Say I Ain't Country has collaborations with Jason Derulo, HARDY, and fellow country superstar Jason Aldean, along with a country radio version of "Meant to Be." But the Aldean song, called "Can't Hide Red," is one they are especially excited about.

"I think it's a smash," Kelley boasted. "It's a big old smash. We had a really good time in the studio. That was one of the few collaborations that we've done where we were in the studio together, all there and there was definitely magic in the room. It felt good already. He brought the thing to life and I think we've presented it in a way that's different, that's fresh and it feels like a big old anthem."

Can't Say I Ain't Country will be released on Friday, Feb. 15, making it more than two years since their previous Dig Your Roots record came out. But the guys promise it will be worth the wait.

"It's been a blast, but it's taken a long time," Kelley told PopCulture.com. "We're so glad it took this long because we really got to spend a lot of time letting the songs kind of live out and seeing if we really did love them as much as we did, and let songs come in, continue to write. And we just really feel like we ended up with the best record we've done thus far."


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Photo Credit: Getty images/Tim Mosenfelder