Exclusive Premiere: Luke Underhill Releases Cover of Ron Pope's 'You're the Reason I Come Home'

Luke Underhill is sharing an acoustic cover of Ron Pope's hit, "You're the Reason I Come Home," exclusively with PopCulture.com! The song is the one that set Underhill on his own career path, so it seems a fitting one for Underhill to share with his large, and growing, fanbase.

"When I was in middle school, I was first taking music semi-seriously," Underhill tells PopCulture.com. "I realized that maybe I had some sort of future with a piano at my fingertips and a guitar in my hand. One of the first artists I was compared to was Ron Pope. So I listened to his album 'Daylight,' and was taken back by how honest his writing was. 'You're the Reason I Come Home' hit closest to my heart for some reason. So this is me thanking him, in a way."

Underhill, who counts diverse artists like Gavin DeGraw, Bruce Springsteen, Ben Folds and Ed Sheeran among his influences, recently released his EP, The Left Side, produced by The Chicago-based singer

"Working on this album was unlike any other," Underhill recently told Variety Beat. "I've done projects in the past, but that's all they ever were; projects. This album was nothing less than an experience. As I was writing for this album, I knew from the beginning that it would be different than anything else I've done so far. I had big plans from the start. A different sound, a different feel, a different point of view in every way."

Underhill wrote all of the songs on The Left Side. The album, along with Underhill's previous two EPs, Atlas and Too Good for Me, can be found on iTunes.


Photo Credit: Instagram/LukeUnderhillOfficial