Elvis Presley's Rhinestone Jockstrap on Sale for $40K

A unique piece of Elvis Presley memorabilia is up for sale. A custom made jockstrap, which is embedded with rhinestones, is currently for sale for the price of £29,950, or just under $40,000, courtesy of Paul Fraser Collectibles — which puts it above the cost of a trip to the newly-reopened Graceland.

The undergarment was made by a fan and was worn by the King of Rock 'n Roll until his death in 1977, or so says the plaque it comes with. Along with several silver rhinestones across the front, blue rhinestones across the waistband spell out the singer's initials. A representative for Paul Fraser Collectibles told The Blast that "this rhinestone-studded jockstrap is pure Elvis Presley." They also described the garment as everything from "extravagant" to "absurd" and even "sexually potent."

"I'm sure the new owner won't be able to resist wearing it out on a Saturday night," the rep continued. "The Elvis magic will work wonders, I'm certain. This is a rare opportunity to own an intimate piece of the King." While specifics about the jockstrap are sparse, the plaque clearly states that it was a custom-made gift from a fan and that he "wore the jockstrap until his tragic death in 1977." It also states that it was purchased directly from the Elvis Presley Museum.

This is the second piece of Elvis memorabilia that's surfaced in recent days, the first being a truck previously owned by the King that was driven around by Blake Shelton for a segment on Jay Leno's Garage. After hearing about the truck's famous owner during the drive, Shelton's initial response quickly turned to skepticism.


"Elvis didn't drive a truck," Shelton said, which host Jay Leno refuted. "He had a lot of vehicles," Leno explained. "One of the many cars Elvis purchased, this is the one he would drive around his ranch in. So you are sitting where the King sat." Shelton admitted that it was "crazy," as well as the fact that he was "getting nervous" in the middle of this "unbelievable" moment. "I never would've dreamed that Elvis Presley even owned a truck," he added.

An upcoming biopic about Elvis from director Baz Luhrmann was initially slated to premiere on Oct. 1, 2020, but has been pushed back more than a year to Nov. 25, 2021. The film will star Tom Hanks as Elvis' infamous manager, Col. Tom Parker. Production on the film was just getting underway in Australia when Hanks was diagnosed with COVID-19.