Watch Dustin Lynch Misbehave in 'Good Girl' Video

Dustin Lynch does a little misbehaving in the video for his latest hit, "Good Girl." The song is from an upcoming new album.

In the "Good Girl" video, Lynch and his female co-star, Angie Simms, are on the run from the law, teaming up again and again to escape.

"It adds a tougher side to this song," Lynch tells Esquire of the video. "It was hard to not be right on the nose with ["Good Girl"] because it's a very fun and bubbly and light. We had several meetings where I thought I had great ideas and would go in and pitch and then people would start poking holes in it. It was tough; we're always trying to do something that people want to watch more than once. [Director] Mason Dixon knocked it out of the park."

Shot in the Mojave Desert, Lynch traded his singing skills for acting, effortlessly portraying the bad guy in the Bonnie and Clyde inspired-video.

"I didn't have to just sing the song 796 times into the camera," he says.. "It was a new challenge—trying not to look like an idiot when I'm acting in a scene."

"It was cool to step into those shoes for a day," he adds. "Now I'm back to doing what I know how to do."

In addition to working on his next record, Lynch is also gearing up to be the next member of the Grand Ole Opry, which will take place on September 18.

"There's a weight now," Lynch concedes. "It's a heavy thing and to carry that torch and be an ambassador of country music. I take it seriously."

With an Opry induction and "Good Girl" in the Top 30 and climbing, the Tennessee native sometimes can't believe how far he has come – or how promising his future looks.

"We're having a blast," Lynch tells "I think that's the most important part. It feels like we're just getting started. I feel like an Opry induction right around the corner – in a way it's a little bit weird for me because I feel like I was just this brand-new kid who's just learning how to live and do this.

"It took, not only myself, but I know for a lot of my friends, we we're just songwriters and having fun performing and learning how to cope with the ups and downs, and the patience it takes to be in this world and business," he adds. "It takes a while."


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Photo Credit: Getty images/Sam Greenwood