Dustin Lynch Inducted by Reba McEntire Into Grand Ole Opry

Dustin Lynch is the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry! The Tennessee native was inducted by Reba McEntire on Tuesday, Sept. 18.

"I'm excited. I can say this is probably the most nerve wracking part of my night is right here," Lynch shared with PopCulture.com and other media prior to his induction. "This is new territory for me ... I think performing on stage is gonna be easy and fun, because we've done it so many times. I'll say I'm excited. I'm anxious to get out there and celebrate and I'm looking forward to just seeing all the faces out there and all the smiling faces."

"I'm hoping I can actually sing and put on a decent performance and not get too lost in celebrating on stage," he continued. "Just soak it all in – that's really what I've been telling myself for the last few weeks since I was invited. Just be in the moment, live in the moment, and enjoy the memories."

Lynch was invited to join last month by Trace Adkins, a surprise welcome from a prestigious institution that Lynch never expected.

"I don't think I ever thought I could be [a member]," Lynch conceded. "I knew I wanted to be. I think that's the difference, I've been asked 'What's it feel like? How's it feeling?,' and it just feels – I know we've been at it for a while and played the Opry a lot, but it just feels like we're just getting started. And so it's such an honor to be a part of this family now and so young. I feel like what is young in my career."

"But I do feel like we're just getting started," he added, "and I tell my guys it's just amazing we get that much longer to enjoy being members of the Opry in our career and our lifetimes. And it's the greatest honor, it really is. And so to stand here tonight, it's just amazing."

Lynch performed four songs leading up to his induction, including his current single, "Good Girl," when McEntire made her surprise appearance to officially induct Lynch.


"I told everybody before I came out here I'm a crybaby, and I get it from my dad," Lynch said, before thanking his family, friends, band and crew and more. "This is one of those dreams right now … Thank you for allowing us to live the dream."

Photo courtesy of Grand Ole Opry LLC. /Chris Hollo