Dustin Lynch Gives Update on 'Party Mode' Tour, Reflects on Themes Behind New Album 'Blue in the Sky' (Exclusive)

Country star Dustin Lynch has been making his way around the U.S. on the "Party Mode" tour, and he recently offered an update on how the shows have been going. Lynch sat down with PopCulture.com for an exclusive interview about his partnership with George Dickel whiskey, which also found the singer reflecting on the themes behind his new album, Blue in the Sky. Speaking about the "Party Mode" concerts, Lynch said that they have been really "awesome" so far. 

"We've got a few shows under our belts and it was a long time coming," he explained. "We've been trying to dream up, 'How do we hit the road again? How will we make it unique and fun, and something that our fans deserve to see after a two-year hiatus?' I think we've nailed it, man. The reaction that we got from our fans that attended the first shows was just through the roof. I honestly can confidently text my friends and family and go, 'This is the best show by a long shot we've ever done.' It's just fun, man. From top to bottom, I feel like the crowd is a part of the show versus just watching us play a show. It's special. I don't know where we go from here, but I'm going to enjoy this tour as much as possible because I know it's top-notch."

The "Party Mode" tour is named after the first track off of Lynch's new album, Blue in the Sky, which was released back in February. After a decade in the country music industry — and a number of awards to his name — Lynch really has nothing to prove at this point so he's just delivering his most authentic self through his music. Which is why his new album strikes such a relatable chord with fans. "It was written and recorded over a time where I was unsure of how to do it," Lynch says.

"I've been on the go for a lot of years of my life, and these past two years it's been a lot more at home," he continued. "I was able to really embrace being at home and spending a lot of time with my friends and family. And honestly getting to party a lot more than I usually get to, being that we're always running and gunning and doing things. We were throwing a lot of house parties and partying on the lake. I was just writing about what we were doing in life, man, and what I was going through."

Getting candid about the hard parts of writing Blue in the Sky, Lynch shared, "A lot of that was my girlfriend at the time, moving in, all those emotions and then a breakup happens. Getting through that breakup, which is what 'Party Mode' kind of represents. On the other side of that, it's just, man, I'm really optimistic about the life ahead that I have. Who knows how long that is, but I absolutely am sure of what I want it to be and what I want it to look like. That's kind of a fun spot to be."

Lynch added, "I'm happy, man. I'm happy in my personal life. I'm really happy with this album. My goal for this album is that it makes people happy when they listen to it. Maybe it makes a summer playlist this year." Fans can next catch Lynch out on the road with the "Party Mode" tour rolls through Pikeville, Kentucky on April 21. A full list of tour dates can be found here.