Dustin Lynch Calls Being at Home During Quarantine 'Eye-Opening' (Exclusive)

Dustin Lynch was just wrapping up his 2020 Stay Country Tour when the coronavirus pandemic made its way to the United States, taking him off the road along with musicians around the world. For Lynch, the current quarantine is shaping up to be the longest downtime he's had in years, and the time at home has allowed him to reflect on how hard he wants to push himself moving forward.

"This little pause in the tour is kind of a bummer, like dang, it stopped the snowball in its tracks," he told PopCulture.com. "But, you know, there's a silver lining for this. It's me personally realizing that maybe I do need to take a week here and there just for myself. I haven't done that until now, I've kind of been forced to, and just do nothing. Just be a person at home. So, it is a bummer that we had to stop the tour but also I think this was an eye-opening thing for me personally going forward that it's okay to schedule some off time for an extended amount of time at the house, just to be a person."

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"I think it's good in the course of my mindset," he continued. "I've fallen victim to just keep working harder, just keep working harder. It's kind of what I've been my whole life. This kind of allowed me to step back and realize, man, it's okay to take a break and enjoy life a little bit."

During his time at home, Lynch shared that he's been staying creative and is in a totally different mindset than ever before. "My plan is you can either try to write and create music," he said. "We're going to look back on this in 10 years and go, 'Wow, the music that came out of that year, or those years, or however long this thing is going to be, was very inspired.' I know for a fact, just because I've been writing. My head space, creatively, is different than it's ever been. I know that's going to be the fact for a lot of other guys and girls that are writing right now. So I think some great music and art will come out of this."

Lynch is currently at home in Nashville with his girlfriend, and the couple has been documenting their life in quarantine for Lynch's series of v-logs, which have seen the pair head into nature for a number of outdoor adventures. The "Momma's House" singer stressed the importance of time outside if you can get it, noting that he's "blessed" to have access to nature.


"Usually I have my videographer chasing me around but we've kind of let him take his time and get his space," he explained. "We've been kind of self videotaping every day of our lives, sharing a little bit of that. So I think just through that, passively people see that it's just she and I. Actually I've got a roommate right now, my tour manager is in between homes so he's staying with us. It's been us three, which has been a blessing because having a third person around it's been us three just hanging out. We're just promoting that. I live on the water so I have access to my fishing boat. We can be out there and enjoy some fresh air. It's very important I think if you can get outside and really soak up sunshine and fresh air. It's very important for all of us."