Dolly Parton Takes Fans to Church With Easter Living Room Performance

Dolly Parton is reaching out to her fans on what will be a tough day for many. As those around the globe come to terms with the coronavirus pandemic, the country music legend took to her social media on Sunday morning to worship Jesus Christ with her followers on Easter Sunday. The holy day will be unlike any other in modern times, with Christians across the world not going to church on the sacred day, which marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ as told in the Bible. Parton knew that it would be difficult for some to social distance, so she did her part and encouraged fans to stay home and worship there instead.

"Well, happy Easter everybody. Little different this year, huh?" Parton said while sitting in front of a decorative backdrop. "I know everybody loves to get all dressed up in their beautiful dresses, their hats, their fancy shoes, go to church, be with all your friends, and that's all wonderful. We all love doing that every year, and the kids all love getting out, hiding Easter eggs and all that with their friends. Well, this year, we're gonna stay around the house a little bit, right? But that doesn't mean we can't worship in the same way we should because we don't have to go to a building, to a church to worship God. The kingdom of heaven is within, so let's just do that this year. There will always be pretty dresses and hats and shoes."

She then introduced a rendition of "He's Alive," a song that recounts the resurrection from Peter's perspective. It's a staple of Parton's catalog, but she performed it a way she never has before.


"Somebody said the other day Oh, we've had a rough week.' And just think about the rough week that Jesus had, and look how well that turned out for us. I'm going to sing about that," she said. "This is a song I've been singing for years. people love it. I usually do it with a choir. Obviously I don't have ample room for the choir this year, so when I get to the end part, if you wanna sing along with me, feel free. I'm gonna simplify it a little bit. It's a song from disciple Peter's point of view, the one that loved Jesus so good and denied him. Anyhow, I think you'll get a blessing out this, and I know I'm gonna get a blessing out of singing it. It's called "He's Alive.'"